Was Y2K The Last Time You Evaluated ERP Software? See What Has Changed in 2011.

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 If you are old enough to remember the Spice Girls, you probably also remember the Y2K scare, when it seemed like the entire world was going to explode as the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000.  Computers would simply fail if businesses did not empty their bank accounts to upgrade to Y2K compliant hardware and software.

After Y2K, we realized that much of the panic was not warranted, but most of the actual software upgrades were. The world was changing, and many companies had been trudging along with antiquated software for far longer than they should have been anyway.

A decade later, a multitude of businesses are again in a similar position.  Software is much more sophisticated than it was ten years ago, but many are still using their old Y2K-ready ERP/ accounting software.

2011 is an excellent time to upgrade, and Microsoft Dynamics GP offers "next gen" features such as SQL Server database management, business intelligence analysis and reporting, hybrid cloud computing, and integration with the latest Microsoft software and services, including SharePoint, Office, and Outlook.  Above all, using modern ERP software ensures your company stays in compliance with new accounting and reporting standards, which have certainly matured over the past ten years.

According to George Mackiewicz, President of CAL Business Solutions: "I feel the biggest advance in ERP systems in the last 10 years since Y2K has been the flexibility for users to modify their own screens and reports without customization.  They can change the screens, drag and drop columns, build reports and more and it only effects their individual  views. Users now have the freedom to create a different experience and change the way they want to view information, without the help of a programmer and expensive customization. For example, the last time I did a demo of Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad for a Connecticut distribution company, and showed them how each user can change his screen without changing the system, this feature sold the system.”

In order to keep up with hardware advancements, some companies upgrade every other year.  Few, if any, would wait ten years to upgrade their servers, desktops, and laptops.  Why should software receive any less attention?  The perception is that implementing a new ERP solution will be painful and possibly even disastrous, but with proper planning and the help of a trusted Microsoft Dynamics partner, like CAL Business Solutions, at your side you can wash away most of those concerns.

With ERP now playing an even more pivotal role in the success of enterprise operations, 2011 is the perfect time to take the bold step into the next generation of ERP software.

By CAL Business Solutions, New England Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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