Top 4 Features to Shout About in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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Since its release in the Spring, there’s been a lot of buzz in the business world about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and the great new features and functionality it offers. We’re here to confirm that GP 2010 has a multitude of features that will improve the way your team shares data and conducts business reporting.

If you’re still thinking of making the upgrade, consider the following list of top features we’ve found in GP 2010.

Our Top 4 Feature picks from Dynamics GP 2010:

  1. More In-Depth Analysis with Dashboards: What does 100+ new charts, plus new KPI’s and the ability to drill-back detailed reports mean for your dashboard? More customization. All of these things come standard in GP 2010, so you can get a better, more detailed analysis of the GP data that matters to you.
  2. Better Integration with Excel: You never have to go through the exhausting process of printing reports and reentering data into Excel spreadsheets ever again. GP 2010 includes 11 new Excel Reports (in addition to the hundreds of Excel Reports already available) that make predictive modeling and analysis easier than ever.
  3. Attractive MS Word Forms: Boring, bland text reports are a thing of the past with GP 2010’s 22 new Microsoft Word Forms. Each form is better looking and more professional than any of the previous Word Forms we’ve seen in GP.

        Added bonuses? The Forms are easy to customize, and it’s a snap to email them through GP 2010.

    4.  Easy-to-Create Mini-Apps: Even “non-developer” users can create and manage their own applications with the GP 2010 Extender module. With Extender, you have the ability to create a simple window or a more advanced set of windows for measuring additional data. Gives users greater power and functionality in GP without having to go through a developer.

These are just a few of the new exciting features in GP 2010 that will enhance the way you process data and collaborate within your organization. We hope this list of top features helps you feel confident in your decision to upgrade to GP 2010.  And since support for GP Version 9 will end come January, choosing to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2010 is a decision you’ll want to make sooner rather than later.

To find out what GP 2010 can do for your organization, contact Steve Kane (301-634-2404 and [email protected]) at BroadPoint Technologies, Virginia’s most experienced Dynamics GP Microsoft Partner.

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