The Value of a Solid Maintenance Plan For Your Mission Critical Data

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In Louisiana, we’re quite used to disaster recovery planning. After Katrina, we learned a thing or two about where to store those backups and how to get to them if, say, your server is under 6 feet of water. But on an average day, most business owners just don’t think about the backups. So many other things compete for your attention. You might think about them when a hurricane is brewing or a Nor’easter is predicted, but by then, you’re boarding windows and checking the fuel on hand. Or, it might cross your mind when you’re deciding between whether to pack the family photos or the backup server in the car on the way out of harm’s way.

Unfortunately, we can easily get into a situation where critical backups never get created. Or, they got set up and just never run. Of course, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. And it certainly doesn’t take a natural disaster to wreak havoc on critical data. Malicious or otherwise, people delete data, move files, turn off machines, etc. So, take a look at your servers today, identify where the mission-critical data exists and verify that the backups are running.  You’ll be glad you did!

By Alice Burke, AIM Technologies – Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM Gold Partner – Louisiana

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