Take the Quiz - 7 Signs Your Company Needs To Upgrade Your ERP/Accounting Software

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Does your company need to upgrade your ERP/accounting software systems?  Take this quiz to find out.   Quiz:  Have you, or others in your company,  said the following? Choose all that apply:

_____“Our company is using multiple software systems that do not talk to each other, so we key in the same information many times.”

_____“We have outgrown our basic accounting software, it just doesn’t have the capabilities we need; it is slow and unstable.”

_____“We can’t get financial reports quickly or easily with the level of detail we want to make strategic business decisions.”

_____“Our software system is no longer supported and we can’t get the help we need or it is too expensive to upgrade and maintain.”

_____“Tracking new regulations/compliance issues is causing me headaches.”

_____“Our sales and customer service reps constantly have to ask accounting for information—I want single screen visibility into sales, inventory, purchasing and client history so I can give my customers answers on the fly.”

_____“I wish we had a system that was easy to learn to use and worked with programs like Word, Excel and Outlook that we use every day.”

If you answered yes to 1 question, you might be able to limp along for a little longer. But you need to evaluate how much wasted time it is actually costing your company. If you answered Yes to 2 or more questions, then you need some help.  It is time to talk to CAL Business Solutions about an accounting software upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Contact us at sales@calszone.com or 860-485-0910 x3102 to set up a free discovery call so we can learn more about your current systems and your goals and help you determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is the right fit.  Concerned about the cost of new accounting software?  Download our free white paper: “30 Questions Every CFO Must Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software”.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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