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Sales by… Anything! – in MS Dynamics GP 2010

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How much time do you spend making sales analysis reports for your accounting system?   How many different versions do you have to maintain?  Report requests for a typical Dynamics GP for Distribution company might be:

  • Sales manager wants sales by Saleperson
  • Purchasing asks for sales by item by month
  • Sales people needs sales by customer
  • and the Tax department requires sales by state!

In Microsoft Dynamics GP2010, they added a Pivot Table feature to the popular Excel Report Builder module.  This is part of MS Dynamics GP’s goal to “Break the box” of GP – to get the data out of the accounting system and into the hands of your staff that needs it.

How does it work? 

Picture this – You open an Excel spreadsheet, Using the new Pivot Table layout window in Excel 2007, you select Year as your filter (only sales for this year), then add Salesperson as your Row field, lastly you add Sum of Document Amount in your values section.  Instantly, you have the report for your Sales manager with a LIVE connection to your GP Data.  Next week or next month, you can open that same spreadsheet, hit refresh and have the data updated, without any re-formatting.  

Wait! Now the Sales department wants sales by month?  Easy! Drag Month to the column section and you are done.  Go have coffee…  you have saved the hours formerly spent creating (and re-creating) sales analysis reports each period.

Even better – since these reports use the feature of Excel, it is possible to have the staff in other departments create their own sales analysis reports without the assistance of the IT or Accounting.

By Devon Southall, Software Solutions Group, Inc – New York Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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