Project Management Software is Critical to Turning a Profit

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What if you knew your projects and jobs will turn a profit? I know, without a crystal ball, you think that's a pipe dream. Well, consider this:

Most project-driven companies struggle with project performance and profitability because they have management and organization-wide blind spots. One solution is to take advantage of project management software that integrates with your accounting and other Microsoft software you already use.

You need seamless connections between financials, projects, cash management, inventory, and possibly field services and work orders. This will deliver critical fiscal control and real-time knowledge of your project costs, revenues, and profit margins. It will also empower you to more easily handle change orders.

Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Project Server working together eliminate data silos and enable you to have this degree of control. Your capabilities expand dramatically. Create unlimited client-tailored billing rates, shorten your billing cycles, improve cash flow, make more-accurate future bids, gain anytime-anywhere access to data for all, increase profitability, and much more.

It's not a pipe dream to have a firm handle on project performance and margins. The right fully-integrated project management software makes it all possible.

By Synergy Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics SL partner serving the West Coast.

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