Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Now More Relevant Than Ever

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Businesses worldwide are concerned with their technology spending. There is no question about that. The ‘down economy‘ has left a scar on many businesses; For some, even to the extent of finding it difficult to survive! We have to face the aftermath bravely. The new necessities nowadays are focused on operational efficiency. There is a need to find more efficient processes, to automate operations and provide tight control on expenses, to increase productivity, and to be more agile towards the challenges facing us. Also, there are more controls and regulations from outside and there is the need to comply with them. These are the needs of the hour.

Fortunately there is relief, Microsoft Dynamics ERP is coming as a boon to face the needs of the hour boldly. The perception of ERP systems has totally changed within businesses and enterprises, not only because of the low upfront cost and less ongoing costs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, but also because of the reliable performance and the diverse variety of capabilities and features that allow businesses to produce more with ease.

The performance in terms of highly customizable industry oriented architecture, reliability, system speed, manageability, and network configuration is simply great.  You can get people up and running with the familiar Microsoft interface, as they have already experienced office applications like  Word, Excel, etc.  Only with Microsoft software, can you leverage your current system by standardizing IT gear and taking advantage of perfect integration with Microsoft Windows operating system, server, office, etc.  Also, Microsoft SQL Server capabilities can be added as required.

A professional and high quality implementation by ERT group reduces the burden of threaded time and budget over run associated with other ERP systems. The role of ERT group is definitely an added advantage;  We not only help in deciding on a right solution tailor made for the business, but also give you valuable technical and maintenance support. ERT group is equipped to serve with charting the right solution, supporting the implementation, customizing to the on-going and varied requirements, and imparting necessary training to employees.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is more relevant now than ever and ERT Group has the expertise to equip your business with a head start towards your competitive edge.

To discuss your business needs, contact ERT Group, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (Microsoft’s Presidents Club Member, too) and get started with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Also, you can visit us at our website or call 954-825-0888 now and take advantage of our Limited Time Promotions.

by ERT Group, A Florida Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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