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Technology changes quickly, and the 21st-century world changes with technology.  For proof of that, look at the world before Google and study how much it has changed ever since.  The second great Web revolution was social media, which is powered by technology that many call Web 2.0. 

The term "Enterprise 2.0" refers to the inclusion of Web 2.0 technology in business environments.  A good ERP solution should already be well integrated within a business's current software framework, and further integration into Enterprise 2.0 is a natural and logical step. 

This is an area where many ERP software systems fall short.  While they may work well in isolation, they often do not integrate well with your office software, your communications network, or with Enterprise 2.0.  Moreover, there is an assumption that cloud-based software automatically translates into Enterprise 2.0, but running software from a web browser does not necessarily mean it will be easier to share, collaborate, synthesize, and extend your data.

While other ERP software companies struggle to make those connections, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers businesses a holistic approach to ERP and Enterprise 2.0.  By implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft SharePoint together, businesses can create productive, remotely-accessible frameworks that make it easier for employees to collaborate, implement workflows, seamlessly communicate integrated ERP information, and enhance business intelligence.

No other ERP system outside of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP family offers anything close to true Enterprise 2.0 integration, without the need for makeshift workarounds.  With the right implementation, your marriage of ERP and Enterprise 2.0 will be a lasting, fruitful relationship.

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