Can Your Small Businesses Afford ERP Software?

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Small and medium businesses (SMB) often find themselves with a lot of accounting and resource management to complete and very little funding to make it happen.  For them, an ERP software solution may be viewed as an unnecessary (and possibly insurmountable) expense.  Instead, many SMBs, especially those on the small side, may opt for a hodgepodge solution, made up of various disconnected software tools.  The resulting mayhem would be comical to an outside observer, but it can be disastrous for the business involved in it. 

The truth is that there are affordable ERP solutions available for SMBs -- solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Moreover, proper implementation of such a solution will actually save money in the long run.  Consider how much time, manpower, and pain medication you will save by choosing an ERP solution that will automate many of the tasks your employees currently perform with your mix of unrelated software.  You will also be able to integrate your ERP with your other office software, creating a more streamlined process, reducing the likelihood of serious errors in accounting.

Successful small and medium businesses often find themselves in the unique position of having a tremendous amount of data in a variety of formats without the personnel or resources to effectively process and analyze it.  With the right ERP solution in place, your business will have a better handle on daily functions and also have longer-term analysis and reports that will help your business grow and reach its full potential.

Can your small business afford to implement ERP Software?  After looking at the benefits, the question might be, can you afford not to?

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