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Why Microsoft Dynamics GP and Why Now????

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By Joel Hatin, Altico Advisors

Choosing the right business management system is critical for your company’s success. Therefore you want a system that is fit for purpose, affordable, easy to use, and quick to adopt, and one that will add instant value to your business in terms of efficiency and productivity gains. Moreover, it must be sufficiently robust and flexible to grow with your business and be implemented with minimal business interruptions.

An increasing number of organizations are moving to Dynamics GP because it excels at meeting the primary needs of businesses today, such as turning data into insight, making smarter decisions, and increasing efficiency – all critical components for success.

Here are some great reasons for choosing Microsoft Dynamics GP NOW!:

       *Extensive pre-packaged functionality competitively priced on a user basis - spanning financial management, supply chain (distribution), business intelligence and reporting, project management, human resource management and manufacturing.

       *Comfortable and easy to use - works like and with the Microsoft Office applications you’re already familiar with (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

       *Tailored to your business - built-in and cost-effective add-on customization options.

       *More connected - cost-effective portal and built-in workflows to promote team completion of tasks, CRM integration to connect finance and customer-facing departments, 350+ Web Services and simple architecture to integrate with other applications and data sources.

      *Quick return on investment - rapid implementation and data migration tools to move you from existing legacy systems quickly, effectively and with less grief and cost.

       *Secure future – 10-year support life cycle.

*Work faster and smarter - role-based dashboards, KPIs (gauges, charts, and graphs) and business alerts relevant to people’s roles, keeping them informed and on task.

       *Scale and perform - using SQL Server technology, scale easily from 1 to 1,000 users without compromising system performance; ability to manage high-speed, high-volume transactions.

       *Innovate and evolve - backed by Microsoft’s commitment to continually improve and extend the software with new releases every 2-3 years.

       Microsoft Dynamics GP is not a “one size fits all” solution, even though companies in dozens of different industries use Dynamics GP to their advantage.  This is because there are fully integrated modules within GP for industry-specific requirements.  Here at Altico Advisors our clients include wholesalers and distributors, discrete and process manufacturers, software developers, nonprofits, educational institutions, moving and storage companies, financial firms, food services, bus and train lines, waste and recycling enterprises…to name but a few! 

And we’re proud to serve them all.

Submitted by Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution serving New Hampshire (NH)

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