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What I Learned About Business While Walking the Dog: Microsoft Dynamics ERP Brings you Back to the Basics

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Business can get a bit too complicated, which is why I’m bringing it back to the basics today. After taking my dog for a walk, I realized a few key rules that are true for walking your dog as well as for running your business.

Be Courteous to Walkers- You know those drivers, the ones who never give pedestrians the right away and they always go too fast down a residential street. Stepping all over people while you run your business is just as annoying and immature. Businesses don’t succeed because of their size or power, but because of the value they can share with those around them.

Pick up after Your Dog- You may be familiar with the plastic baggy for those unfortunate pit stops along the walking path. Cleaning up after your dog ensures that those innocent walkers behind you don’t misstep into your “foul mistakes”. Being a good example by “picking up” after your mistakes is also good practice in your business. Bad things do happen, but it’s important to learn from those mishaps and move on.

Chat with Your Neighbors- Making small talk with your neighbors creates community and builds a bond with the people who live around you. You look out for one another and feel safe in your home. Get to know your employees, co-workers, vendors, and even competitors. Most of you are in the same boat and can look out for one another as the going gets tough.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP simplifies your business just as the above situations bring you back to the basics of dog walking. Sharing information with Microsoft Dynamics ERP is as easy as 1-2-3 with advanced integration features and seamless sharing capabilities. You can reduce mistakes by having a better view into your reporting and financials by using Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Connecting with the people around you has never been easier. Microsoft Dynamics ERP streamlines the communications process through innovative tracking of invoices, orders, and contact information so it’s easier to contact who you need to, when you need to.

Blue Moon Industries is a leading ERP solution provider of Microsoft Dynamics GP software in Rhode Island. Blue Moon Industries is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with competencies in Microsoft Business Solutions and ISV Software Solutions.

By Blue Moon Industries – Rhode Island Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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