Top Nine Reasons Why You Should Invest in Document Imaging

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In addition to making it infinitely easier and faster to access information, there are 9 more substantial benefits to storing your paper documents electronically that justify an investment of a document imaging solution:

  1. Eliminate lost or misplaced files. Did you know that 7.5% of documents are lost and additional 3.0% of documents are misfiled? Whether a document is lost or misfiled, the information is not accessible when needed. Electronic storage allows you to protect your irreplaceable files and documents from being misplaced, destroyed, or even stolen.
  2. Retrieve documents instantly without leaving your desk. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the amount of time it takes to sort through file cabinets and network folders to find a single document, you’ll be able to retrieve documents within seconds with the click of your mouse from within your existing information system.
  3. Share documents across your organization, whether in one location or many. Allow different locations and departments within your organization to access electronic documents without having to find, copy, fax, or mail them. Organizations operate more efficiently when employees have access to information required to perform their duties. Documents are always accessible and can be shared simultaneously. Save money by eliminating the need to photocopy, fax, and pay postage or courier fees. After a document is “filed” you never have to worry about it not being available when it is needed.
  4. Reclaim valuable office space being taken up by filing cabinets. Industry studies indicate that documents are growing at a rate of 20% per year. Each year, more filing cabinets are required. By filing paper documents electronically, you can eliminate rooms of filing cabinets to the shelf space required by a small server.
  5. Drastically reduce the time and money required to file a document. It is a time consuming task to file paper and a job that is often left to entry level clerical staff. When the task is not performed properly, higher-waged personnel often spend a great deal of time searching for the lost or misplaced documents. It takes only seconds to scan and electronically store a document, allowing clerical staff to be reassigned to other responsibilities.
  6. Reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare for an audit. Who likes to prepare for an audit? The time is takes is often directly correlated to how well records are kept, and the internal cost of an audit is the significant time spent by staff during the preparation phase. By having source documents readily available and instantly retrievable, overtime hours can be reduced, allowing staff to focus on their day to day responsibilities.
  7. Enhance your Disaster Recovery Plan by managing documents electronically. Do you know that 44% of businesses who lose their documents in a disaster never resume business operations? It is virtually impossible— and expensive—to make a copy of every document and store it off-site. By managing documents electronically, a backup can be performed nightly which enhances your overall Disaster Recovery Plan.
  8. Improve your customer service by quickly addressing questions and resolving issues. By managing documents electronically, your customer service representatives are able to respond quickly and accurately while a customer is on the phone. This eliminates the call backs or the frustration a customer experiences while “on hold”. Electronic communications (emails) can be retained for future reference and documents can be exchanged.
  9. Receive a rapid Return on Investment (ROI). There are many imaging systems on the market, ranging from the very expensive to the inexpensive. Each system offers a different set of features. PaperSave® is a feature-rich document imaging solution that starts at $5,000, which allows a quick Return on Investment.  Calculate the savings PaperSave offers by downloading a free ROI calculator.


By PaperSavePro – Document imaging for Microsoft Dynamics

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