Surprising Momentum from Companies in Bankruptcy

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We have seen a surprising increase in business from companies that are operating under the protection of the U.S. bankruptcy code.  This seems like a paradox, but what we’re hearing from our new clients is the following:

  • Subscription pricing allows for a minimal upfront investment in business systems
  • Hosted business systems require no additional systems management personnel
  • Subscription pricing and hosting requires no long term commitment
  • A solid mid-range ERP system can be a good replacement for a huge tier-1 system
  • Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility


If a big change in your business is causing you to take a fresh look at how you invest in, and use business systems, you should take a good look at a mid-range ERP system offered in a hosted environment with subscription pricing.

 By RoseASP, a major provider of hosted Dynamics solutions.

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