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Reduce The Time (And Money) Involved In Fixing Payroll ‘Hiccups’ in Microsoft Dynamics GP With One Quick Step

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    Regardless of your industry sector, when shopping for Payroll or accounting software, it is crucial that your payroll software allows you to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as comply with governmental reporting requirements for the IRS and other government agencies.  I’m here to say, Microsoft Dynamics GP can do all of that. However, Payroll is also expected to meet employee needs and internal reporting requirements. Good news, Microsoft Dynamics GP can do that too.

    Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll is designed to help organizations address these challenges and control costs.  You will also find new modules for managing specialized requirements and for multiple companies with comprehensive reports and automatic downloads for updated tax tables.

    Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP enable users to collect deductions in arrears, create payables vouchers during the payroll process, and use blended overtime rates to meet overtime rules. All these capabilities can help increase productivity and efficiency for payroll processes and provide your organization with increased tracking and reporting capabilities.  It also does fun and simple things like allowing you to re-print a pay stub or earnings statement at any time by simply checking a box.

    When shopping for Payroll solutions it is imperative to understand the software is engineered to address most of the above-mentioned areas.  However it would be comical to ignore the fact that little things do happen when processing payroll (outside of your software and your control) that can create stressful situations at times.  We at DFC like to call these “hiccups”.

    Not only does your software need to help minimize these situations but it’s key to have an experienced Microsoft GP Partner to back up during these times also.  If you have a situation with Microsoft Dynamics GP and your network environment when you are posting payroll and your network “hiccups” causing a bad pay run to happen, who do you turn to?  What can you do to minimize the damages when something does interrupt your payroll?

    Even though these aren’t too common occurrences, instances can happen unfortunately.  Depending on the point in time when the hiccup happened during the payroll processing, it is going to be one of two things.

    1. A fairly easy fix when you call your Microsoft Partner, or DFC Consultants for assistance


    2.  It is going to be a data clean up activity that is usually neither easy or fast.

    Ready for a quick but money saving Payroll Tip?  DFC payroll expert Terry Borchardt suggests one of the best ways to protect yourself is to make a backup of the Company just before printing your checks.

    Make a backup of your database by going into Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Maintenance >> Backup.  NOTE:  You must be logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP as the system administrator (sa) to perform the backup.  Depending on your server, a backup could take as little as 10 minutes or up to a half hour.  Preventative maintenance like this could save you 1 to 6 hours of support time which could equate to hundreds of dollars in potential support fees.

    Terry says with this backup available, if something goes wrong during the printing and posting processes, you can easily go back and restore the company and system databases to what they were before the hiccup occurred.  Why not take this extra step, to save time and money in the future?

    Since 1989, DFC has worked with clients in a variety of industries, with specialized focus on manufacturing, Tribal, not for profit, property management, agriculture, and professional services. If you are looking for the most experienced Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in the Midwest for sales, implementation, integration, customization, training, and customer support, contact DFC Consultants at 800-277-5561. Email us or call if you’d like to set up a free business review.

    DFC Consultants specialize in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft CRM and Housing solutions.

    by DFC Consultants, North Dakota Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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