Leveraging Dynamics GP to Process Check Requests

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By creating efficiencies and showing a return on investment, businesses can justify IT spending and gain a competitive advantage by reducing overhead costs.  Two simple features of the Fidesic Platform can help reduced administrative tasks, improve accuracy, and support electronic document management to provide transparency in Check Requests and Request for Payment transactions.  I will now explain how Check Requests with Fidesic can help your organization to collect payments or create disbursements leveraging Dynamics GP.

Check Requests for Accounts Receivables

Your organization works with a trusted group of customers that know how much their invoices and charges will be before your accounting and sales departments.  As a delegate and customer of your organization, your customer has the ability to login on behalf of your organization to build an invoice and attach supporting documentation in compliance for your business’s “Request for Payment” policy.

Now that the invoice has been created, the customers can view their invoices and pay your organization using Online Bill Pay to collect payment via ACH or Credit Card.  Simple enough?

The benefits that you will gain instantly are a diffusion of labor with self governing clients and improved quality control of financial transactions through the use of portals and sharing of electronic data.

Check Requests for Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable transactions are essentially “Request for Payment” and can be interpreted in  multiple ways depending on the perspective of the recipient of payment and the organization.  In this example, we are going to take to perspective of an employee submitting an expense requesting payment from his employer.

The life blood of your organization is to have your field team out visiting your customers.  As an employer you want to make sure your agents have gas in their cars and have access to funds to properly entertain your clients to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Currently, this employee has yet to receive his corporate card and has to manage his expenses while generating new business and profit.  Set up as a vendor for your organization, this employee can log into Fidesic and submit an expense or “Request for Payment” from their internet browser.  Once the request has been approved and processed via ACH, an email notification will be sent to your employee providing you the life line and resources to propel your business forward.

These are only a few applications of how Fidesic can grow your business.  Explore options with your local Microsoft Partner and ask to learn about The FIDESIC Platform.

By Enliven Software, The full circle accounts receivable and accounts payable processing platform within Dynamics GP.

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