Increased Budgeting Efficiency with Dynamics GP 2010

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As you may know, there are plenty of new features that will considerably increase efficiency and productivity with Dynamics GP 2010.  Some of the more highly anticipated features are emailing invoices or purchase orders and using Microsoft Word Templates for custom invoices.  But one productivity booster that is often overlooked in the new features with GP 2010 is the ability to combine budgets into a single master budget.

Lots of companies keep departmental budgets, as does one of our clients in Raleigh, NC.  Often each department has a different decision maker in charge of defining the budget.  The different users either do not care, do not need, or the company prefers that they do not see the numbers in the other departments budgets.  But when reviewing financial statements and budget comparisons, the company needs the different budgets combined into one so that they get an accurate picture of their financial standing.

The solution in past versions of Dynamics GP was to export the entire budget to Excel.  Next the user would cut and paste different accounts (corresponding to the different departments) into new Excel spreadsheets.  The newly created spreadsheets (with only single department data) would be sent to the department budget managers, who would then fill out the budgets and send back to the “budget master.”  Finally, the budget master would be tasked with recombining the budgets into a single spreadsheet so that they could import the budget into Dynamics GP.  They had to take special care when reconstructing the master budget, so that the spreadsheet would adhere to the formats necessary for the Excel Budget tool to import them without error.  Tedious to say the least.

With Dynamics GP a lot of the hoops have been removed from the process.  Now separate budgets can be created for each department.  Each can be exported and import independently of the other budgets.  So if there is one decision maker that has not yet had time to complete the budget, it does not have to slow down the process of importing for the other departments.  Once all of the departmental budgets have been imported, the budget master can use the new functionality in Dynamics GP 2010 to combine multiple general ledger budgets into a single master budget.  Better yet, all of the departmental budgets do not have to be combined at once.  If the decision makers are staggered in returning the budget numbers, each departmental budget can be combined into the master budget at a different time.  This is yet another way the new feature allows us to move on with what we have at the moment, but can still include the “slackers” at a later time.

The new master budget can be a completely separate budget from the individual departmental budgets as well.  So, we can retain the original departmental budgets, in their untouched state, while combining them together to form a master or mega budget (kinda like robotic lions forming a single unstoppable man-like robot that can cleave-in-twain any enemy with but one swipe of its mighty sword; Voltron anybody?).

Needless to say, this new feature which allows us to combine multiple budgets into one budget will be greatly embraced by the budget masters and managers of the accounting world.

-By Grady Burris - Sr. ERP Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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