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I Use Dynamics for My ERP. Should I Use Google Apps or Office 365 for E-mail?

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Recently a client of ours came to us with more or less that very same question. They use Dynamics SL, and were looking for a cost effective way to get their 75 person operation off Lotus Notes. They decided that Google Apps for Microsoft Outlook would work best for them. Google touts that this configuration frees you from the heavy upfront costs of getting Exchange Server up and running, and that Google Apps will integrate fully with Outlook.  

But while Google is correct on both those points, there still is one important factor Dynamics users need to consider:  will Google Apps work with Dynamics ERP? We put that question to both Microsoft and Google, and the answer from both was the same:  we don’t know. While one could accuse Microsoft of spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) with that answer, Google’s reply was no different.  In this particular case, the client was using Dynamics SL to e-mail invoices to their clients, so support from Microsoft should an issue arise is crucial. In the end, this client found that Office 365’s Exchange Online was a safer and more secure option, and one that was competitively priced with Google Apps. Plus, Exchange Online gives them the option of running entirely on a web client (where as Google Apps requires Outlook licenses in order for the Outlook integration to be active).

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner serving Pennsylvania

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