How to Effectively Manage Your Cyclical Billing Processes Within Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

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Anyone with regular or contract billing knows it can be complicated and time consuming even if you have implemented a business management software solution. Tracking invoice schedules and billing frequency, updating customer contracts, and dealing with billing questions can be enough to make your head spin. And depending on the role you play in your organization your billing functionality needs and wants will differ. Let’s take a moment here to break it down in a way that you can easily relate to.

If you’re in a finance role you probably want to: effectively manage growth, increase revenue, reduce human resource costs, increase employee productivity, eliminate costly errors, and recognize revenue within the proper fiscal period. Therefor you’d need a billing solution that’s scalable, reliable, and flexible.

However if you’re an Accounting Clerk you probably want to: improve billing efficiencies, improve customer service, reduce mundane tasks by eliminating the need to rekey information in multiple systems, and save time. So in this role you’d need a billing solution that is user friendly, streamlines workflow, and eliminates duplication of effort.

Even though individuals within the same organization have different requirements, everyone, with the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP in partnership with the third party add on called Recurring Contract Billing, can have his needs satisfied.

If you’re curious to learn more about a flexible billing solution watch a demo and see firsthand how you can automate your regular billing and invoicing procedures. The power and scalability of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Recurring Contract Billing have been helping companies across multiple industries successfully manage their billing processes for nearly a decade.

By Encore Business Solutions, your Manitoba Gold Certified Dynamics Partner and ISV.

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