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Business Benefits of Moving to Microsoft Dynamics SL

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If you have not upgraded your accounting software in over 5 years, now is a good time evaluate your current situation. In addition to the benefits your accounting staff will realize, there are several business benefits for doing so. Among them:

Avoid the Danger of Extended Downtime. Simply put, older software requires older hardware and older operating systems. This can make it very difficult to reconstruct your mission critical financial information in the event of a system failure. How important is your data? How many resources would you have to dedicate to recreating data? These are important questions to consider.

Operate Much More Efficiently. Upgrading to a new Dynamics SL solution will offer numerous operational improvements as a result of faster response times. Routine tasks can be automated so you can focus on more important matters. Redundant tasks can be done without staff input.

Train new hires more easily. Most job applicants have the skills to support systems running on a popular and current technology.  By upgrading your software to Dynamics SL, your choices for candidates will increase and your costs will be controlled. Training costs will go down, and new hires can be at full productivity much more quickly. All of this will lead to a more efficient, more productive work environment.

Embrace and Keep Pace with Future Business Change. By utilizing a Microsoft platform, your business will be able to respond more rapidly and freely to future changes in other business software you use. Your business may eventually decide to utilize a robust CRM system to automate customer activities. Having your accounting operations on a robust platform like Dynamics SL will allow for a natural incorporation of your accounting and business management activities into one software solution.

In short, your old system may be costing you far more then you realize.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner serving Pennsylvania

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