How CA Field Value Security Solves Checkbook Access Issues in Dynamics GP

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Guaranty Title Service, a company based in Fond du Lac, WI, has multiple offices and multiple users accessing multiple checkbooks in their Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 system.  With the stock Dynamics GP system, all checkbooks are available to all users and this situation was not desirable to the senior management staff.  An add-on module such as Field-Level Security was not applicable in this scenario since it only secures fields and not values.  Since the A/P users in each branch office needed access to checkbooks in order to pay vendors, it did not make sense to lock down the checkbook ID fields in the Dynamics GP system.  Crestwood was therefore engaged to develop a field value security customization to Dynamics GP 9.0 in order to ensure that users only have access to checkbooks to which they are assigned.  The CA Field Value Security enhancement, therefore, was born out of this need.

Dexterity was used to design and develop the enhancement, which is delivered as a standard chunk file wrapped in a Windows Installer package.  When installed, CA Field Value Security acts as a monitor over the entire system, preventing the use and display of checkbook IDs on any window and on any report for any module in the system so that users will only see those checkbooks to which they have been assigned access.  The enhancement works on a per-user basis and not on a per-class basis, allowing the security model to be as granular as possible.

Once installed, users are assigned access to checkbooks via the below security matrix window.

Figure 1 – User Checkbook Security Setup Window

By default, all users have access to all checkbooks.  This ensures that there are no interruptions in the normal day-to-day processing since any restricted checkbooks are essentially invisible to the system and cannot be read or viewed by Dynamics GP.  (A “restricted” checkbook is one to which a user does not have access.)

When a user is denied access to a checkbook, the following occurs:

  • The restricted checkbook no longer appears in any lookup in any module, including all add-ons, customizations, and ISV products.
  • Any windows that would normally display that checkbook would have <HIDDEN> in the appropriate field(s).
  • Any reports that would normally display that checkbook would have <HIDDEN> displayed in the appropriate sections of the reports.
  • Browsing through the Checkbook Maintenance window would “skip
    over the restricted checkbook(s).
  • Trying to enter the checkbook ID in an editable field would result in the below warning:

You do not have access to the selected checkbook.  Please contact your system administrator for more information.

There are no alternate or modified windows as part of this enhancement as all processing is dynamic and occurs in a monitor overlay, allowing daemon-like operations of the software.  Any version changes or module installations across all products will automatically inherit the security upon next login so that the security matrix is a one-touch experience.  The initial startup progress windows shown in Figure 2 will be displayed as the system configures the checkbook security.

Figure 2 – Security Initialization

 In summary, the CA Field Value Security product is a lightweight custom overlay in Dynamics GP 9.0 that will allow checkbooks to be restricted on a per-company basis over all modules and add-ons in Dynamics GP.  A system administrator will configure the checkbook security once and the enhancement will monitor all checkbook access so that restricted checkbooks are not even displayed, allowing for a rigid security framework surrounding sensitive checkbook information.

Crestwood Associates has a staff of developers that can help you build add-ons such as this CA Field Value Security or other products you need written in Dexterity, XML, .Net and other languages.  Contact us for more information.

Written by William Schroeder, Practice Manager, at Crestwood Associates, your Chicago-Area Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner.


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