Why Microsoft Dynamics GP? Non-Profit Organizations Serve Many Masters - Your Accounting Software Should Not Be One Of Them.

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We’ve all been there.  It’s late in the bid process and you need “just one more piece of information” to make your proposal stand out and win that next grant.  Unfortunately, that last golden gem of information is stored in your overseas field office in an excel spreadsheet on a personal laptop, or worse your Chief-of-Party is the only one with the knowledge that you seek and not available until 3am when the field office re-opens.  Ah... the life of a busy program manager.

Fortunately, you have Microsoft Dynamics GP as your accounting and ERP system, so finding that information is a snap.  You open your Dynamics GP software and navigate to your personalized home page where you find your information right there waiting for you.  What?  You are an international NGO, and you need more than accounting data to fill out that bid sheet?  You need to access additional information about your Grants and Programs?  Not a problem!

With Microsoft Dynamics GP your accounting system is based on an architecture that allows your non-profit organization to manage more than just financial statements.   So whether you need access to grants, donor funds, or more granular data regarding the effectiveness of your oversea programs, your information is always available at the touch of a button. 

Manage you Mission not your Process

With Microsoft Dynamics GP for non profits your accounting system can become much more than a database full of debits and credits.  It can transform your operations and provide you with a single platform that provides vital business intelligence that is easily accessible on demand.  So instead of staying up and watching that infomercial at 2am, while your staff arrives to work overseas, go ahead open that pivot chart and drill down on that embedded information and deliver the answers you need to win your next project.  Not only will your Executive Director be happy, you’ll bring a smile to the face of someone thousands miles away because you are still focused on what matters – your mission.   

To learn more about how to enable your non-profit or International NGO to use Dynamics GP or other project management software for your organization contact Sentrien Systems  to learn how Dynamics GP can help your non profit organization improve its mission.  Sleep tight.

by Sentien Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner serving Washington, DC

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