What is Business Intelligence for ERP Software?

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With ERP software, many businesses have become very good at gathering and imputing data.  ERP software makes it easy to manage all of an organization's data using one business software tool rather than multiple separate applications that lack interoperability.  This is the strength of ERP, and many businesses have spent a great deal of money on ERP solutions, hoping they would  bring forth the end of their worries.

The reality, however, is that while most ERP solutions gather the data, they do not provide adequate analysis of it, which is often referred to as business intelligence.  How useful is it to have a plenitude of information with no practical way to access it and analyze it?  Furthermore, many companies have legacy data left over from previous applications, prior to their ERP implementation.  Unless they spent the money to have it all migrated, that data is just sitting.

For such situations, businesses need data warehousing.   Remember, the data itself is there.  You know it is because you or someone working with you put it there.  The problem that needs solving is how to effectively glean the useful information you need and synthesize seemingly fragmented information into useful knowledge.  Software will not entirely do this for you, but it can make the process a little less daunting.

Microsoft provides data warehousing solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, offering customers a scalable and reliable platform for Business Intelligence (BI).  Best of all, Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with BI integrated tools to help you monitor, analyze, and plan.  Features include the ability to browse inquiries and trace transactions, monitor SQL Server and receive business alerts, track and report financial performance, and much more.  For more information, visit Microsoft Dynamics GP's page on Business Intelligence.

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2 thoughts on “What is Business Intelligence for ERP Software?”

  1. This is actually a conflicting subject, because ERP systems can do reporting to a certain percentage, enterprises fail to realize the need for Business intelligence (BI).
    This makes it a loophole in common ERP system, it wont be a surprise to see ERP systems with BI as an add on.
    Because non-IT people at the moment require help to get data from the ERP at prepare it in Data warehouse to be ready generate clear reports and have insights on the underlying data. Of course what you put in is what you get, so data must be well prepared and should be collect.
    Since Microsoft is commercial, try out open source BI systems.

  2. Most business intelligence solutions are just tools which require IT work and significant configuration.

    Admiral Consulting offers its own application - "IZON Business" - a Dashboard, Trend Analysis, Alert and powerful Query tool which is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics SL and GP. You can buy it today, have it installed tomorrow and start using it the next day.

    Check out http://www.admiral-usa.com/izonbusiness.htm.

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