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Tips for Optimizing Your ERP Software Dashboard Design

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    Keep the information you really need.

    Dashboard space is prime real estate. You have one screen--sometimes just part of a screen--to show the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your business. The goal is to choose the KPIs that are most important to you so you can get a quick overview of your company’s performance. Adding scroll bars or tabs to display more information on your dashboard is actually counterproductive and does not help you get that quick performance check.

    Develop multiple dashboards for multiple audiences.

    Some KPIs are considered more or less important by different groups of people. When possible, create separate dashboards for specific audiences to ensure that all important metrics are displayed and reported to the right people.

    Avoid fancy graphics that offer little value.

    To maximize space for the metrics you need, avoid certain objects and effects that just add clutter and little value to your dashboard display.

    Logos, Grid Lines, Chart Frames

    Objects like these rarely add clarity to a dashboard’s information. Instead, they take up prime real estate and distract users.

    3D vs. 2D Objects

    They may be more visually appealing than 2D objects, but 3D objects take up more space on a dashboard display. 3D objects are not worth using if they’re going to cover up other data.

    Pie Charts

    I strongly suggest limiting your use of pie charts. Sometimes it’s best not to use pie charts at all. For example, avoid using pie charts to display data that differs only by a small percentage. Users have difficulty distinguishing the pie slice sizes when the data is so close in range.

    Repeating Information

    Lastly, get rid of any graphics that offer the same information. Use filtering features to streamline and tailor your dashboard to your needs.

    With an endless amount of reporting tools and elements at our fingertips, it’s so easy to go overboard with our dashboards. Remember to keep your dashboard design simple by displaying the information that is most important to you. And avoid graphics that complicate your analysis, no matter how fancy they look.

    For more information, contact Steve Kane (301-634-2404 or at BroadPoint Technologies, Virginia's leading Dynamics GP partner.

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