Portals Improving Relationships: 3 Groups of Transparency with Dynamics GP

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In school, one of my classmates presented on the importance of transparency and how communication breakdowns can hinder a business from being successful.  I know in my daily life, as long as I’m being transparent and honest, success will follow.

How does this relate to the Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions?  The core functionality of Dynamics GP (formally Great Plains) will provide features to run your business, but that is only the scratch of the surface.  There are many add-on solutions that can take the base functionality of Dynamics GP and provide transparency with not only your internal staff, but also for your vendors and customers.

Why would it be a good idea to provide transparency to these three groups?

  • Internal Staff will have the ability to field questions about specific vendors and customers by quickly accessing account information, track invoices history with full audit trail, and streamline day-to-day activities.
  • Vendors can see purchase orders, submitted invoices, and payment status to reduce costly phone inquiries freeing your team to focus on your business’s core competencies.
  • Customers can see a full invoice history which will save your team by automating the collections process and streamline communications all to improve relationships via transparency.

Through the use of portals, businesses can provide transparency to their internal staff, customers and vendors to significantly cut cost in processing Account Receivable and Account Payable Transactions.  Providing information at the tips of your and customer/vendor fingers will improve communication.  If the ability to provide this information is not already a part of your daily activities, wouldn’t you want to try?

Contact your local Microsoft Partner and ask to learn about Enliven Software and The FIDESIC Platform.

By Enliven Software, The full circle accounts receivable and accounts payable processing platform within Dynamics GP.

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