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Hosted ERP System Benefits

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    As we talk to people about hosting their ERP systems in the cloud, these are some of the benefits we find people are most interested in: 

    • Pay for what you use – With a subscription based licensing model,  end users only pays for the number of user licenses they are utilizing each month.
    • Lower and predictable costs – Generally hosting and licensing fees are known in advance and can be easily forecasted.
    • Shift from “capex” to “opex” – The end users’ investment in their ERP systems moves from a capital expenditure to a regular operating expense.
    • Accelerated time to value – The return on an ERP investment occurs more quickly.
    • No patching – Service packs and software patches are applied by the hosting company with little worry from the end users.
    • Faster Deployment – Hosting companies generally have dozens of similarly deployed systems already in place, so getting a new system up and running is easy to do for them.
    • Robust and multi-layered security – The depth and breadth of security utilized in an off-premise hosting environment is typically better than on-premise environments.
    • Reliability and fault tolerance – Typical service level agreements demand higher levels of availability and system integrity.
    • Latest software for users – Hosted ERP systems are generally upgraded on a regular basis in conjunction with software developer releases; making the most up-to-date software available to end users.
    • Anywhere access – Hosted ERP systems can be easily and securely accessed through the Internet, anywhere the end users might be.
    • Scalability – ERP systems in a hosted environment can be dynamically scaled to meet demand and deliver acceptable performance levels.

     Our clients continue to realize benefits from a hosted ERP solution.

     By RoseASP, a major provider of hosted Dynamics solutions.

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