Franchise Online Statements for Dynamics GP: 4 Relief Points

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You’re a controller for a franchise organization sitting in the accounting department at headquarters using Dynamics GP as your core ERP solution.  All that you can hear is the constant humming of the printing of paper invoices to be mailed all across the country, ringing of franchisees calling you to discuss their bills, clicking of staff typing in data for cash receipts, and groaning from your cash desk struggling with manual ACH file uploads with your bank.  From a 30,000 foot view, you have an epiphany that there is a better way to collect royalties and other franchise expenses.

  1. Why are you still printing paper invoices and spending money on postage? Think of the time you could save if someone didn’t have to fold that piece of paper twice to fit and stamp the double window envelope.
  2. Why are you still talking about the same invoice that you already sent twice? Think of the time you could save if someone didn’t have to answer the phone, or the business opportunities your franchisee could generate if they weren't spending time on the phone with your accounting staff.
  3. Why are you still typing cash receipts into the Receivables Batch Entry Screen in Dynamics GP? Think of the time you could save if that information could be automatically  updated with a click to reconcile online payments with the original invoice.
  4. Why are you still struggling with manual ACH files? Think of the time you could save if ACH files were automatically updated and presented to your bank without your thinking about it.

Why not have all this information available 24/7/365 with a live online statement for your franchisees and electronic payment portal?  A live online statement could eliminate paper, delivery, inquiry, and labor costs in your receivables process allowing you to focus on growth and the core competencies as a business of providing excellent services and products.  From the franchisees prospective, this is a worry free solution to stay in financial compliance with the franchisor organization.

Contact your local Microsoft Partner and ask to learn about Enliven Software and The FIDESIC Platform For Franchises.

By Enliven Software, The full circle accounts receivable and accounts payable processing platform within Dynamics GP.

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