Five Reasons Why ERP Software Implementations Fail

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Every business adopts technology. One of the greatest investments for a business is in their enterprise applications environment – that is, the technology to formalize and operate business processes. Unfortunately, enterprise application implementations tend to have a high failure rate due to inattention to key, manageable tasks.To eliminate costly enterprise application technology failures, here is what you need to pay attention to:  

  1. Commitment: The top management of the business must embrace, support and be actively involved in the discovery, selection, and implementation of the solution. While the tasks can be delegated, the decisions and oversight must remain at the top.

    Before you make a commitment to ERP, consider a cloud solution like SMB Suite™. Forward thinking companies are choosing cloud technologies more and more because of the convenience of a predictable and fixed monthly fee without the capital expense.                     

  2. Scope: Because of the vast array of choice and capability, every business must have a detailed set of requirements for any evaluation and selection of technology. Don’t be swayed by the vendor, tie everything back to a business process or need.

    When defining ERP scope, make sure to evaluate a solution that will integrate Sales; Accounting and eCommerce technologies to better streamline operations. Consider a web-based application like SMB Suite that allows greater visibility into business performance across the entire enterprise.                     

  3. Internal Process Misunderstanding: Informal business processes don’t, generally, have precise definition. They’re defined in an ad-hoc manner and change constantly. Internal business processes must be well defined and understood (in sufficient clarity) to allow for capture and implementation into an enterprise or business application environment. The time to define processes is not in the middle of the implementation.

    Defining business processes can be manageable when you have the right tools in hand. SMB Suite was designed to incorporate best practices that allow greater understanding of how to improve efficiency across multiple departments, which in turn will help you more accurately define business processes.
  4. Project Management: The implementation of technology should not be relegated to those that ‘have time’ or are ‘technical’ in nature. Instead, identify a key individual that is outstanding at managing multiple resources, across multiple business areas, within a particular timeline and budget. The strength of the project management is a good predictor of the outcome and the enterprise or business application success.

    Aligning project management and ERP implementation success is easy with the right solution, strategy and Partner in place. We recommend the internal customer project manager work closely with external project manager (from the software provider) to better manage resources, timeline and budget. When you select a solution like SMB Suite, project management is included in the price.
  5. Training: The benefit the business will receive from implemented technology is often in direct correlation to the type and level of training received by users. Skimp on training and you increase the cost of the technology to the business. Provide adequate training and support, and the business reaps the greatest rewards for the effort and dollars put in the business application solution.  

    With SMB Suite, you receive immediate results as you leverage the technology without having the IT spend for back office systems, support and training. As an SMB Suite customer, you have the option to participate in on-going training and support desk that’s conveniently included in the monthly price.

Want to increase the success of your Enterprise software implementation? Or, better yet, eliminate the challenges stated above? Check out SMB Suite™. It’s your answer to Sales, Accounting, Collaboration and eCommerce tools designed to streamline operations, gain greater visibility into business performance and deliver value from day one! Visit or call 1-800-525-6398.

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by NextCorp, Ltd. a South Texas Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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