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Presenting Financial Statements can be a frustrating, stressful part of every Accountant's job description. While you don’t have control over the bottom line you can take control of the manner in which you present information to the Owners, Controller, CFO, and/or Board of Directors of the organization. Financial statements represent the culmination of every accountant’s day and being able to format the report, customize the presentation of the material, and most importantly, access the information can be made easy with Microsoft Dynamics GP and the easy to use Management Reporter Wizard.

One of my favorite new features of Dynamics GP Management Reporter is the ability to create customized financial statements entirely through a wizard. That's right, no more dependence on a report developer, excel, or an IT analyst.

For starters, the Dynamics GP Report Wizard has several predefined templates for Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Trial Balance reports.  You also have the option to pick your reporting ledger, which is another great feature introduced with GP 2010.  If your report contains actual versus budgeted amounts, select the budget code of the desired budget.

Next you are presented with report section options in which you can select the accounts you would like included.  The accounts chosen for each section will be grouped and debits and credits summarized on your financial statement.

Another added bonus is on the Edit Sections screen; you can move your selected accounts up and down.

From the Preview Report screen, you can validate the format of your report as well as choose to shade the total line for a professional look.

You also have the ability to generate department, cost center, location, division, or product line financial statements that can be viewed in either independent or summarized views.

Check out an accountant generated financial statement.  You can include company logos and additional further calculations.

That is a pretty nice looking report for an accountant! Could you use these unique and custom tools for your financial statement preparation and presentation?

By Mike Marcin, Systematica Inc. – Microsoft Dynamics GP California Partner

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