ERP and Business Intelligence – Staying Ahead In Tough Economy

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We’ve all witnessed it. Today’s economic climate has forced many organizations to cut IT costs among other things. But according to a recent report by Forrester Research, one area that has survived the belt tightening is business intelligence (BI). According to the report, the value of BI becomes more apparent in tough economic climates, when smart information and knowledge management professionals use the technology as a corporate asset to continue to survive, compete, and thrive.

Now more than ever, executives need aggregated data that captures a complete view of the company and its operations if they are to measure performance and respond proactively to changes in the marketplace and the industry. Managers, teams, and individuals also need the ability to find, share, and use information from across all areas of the business to perform tasks effectively and monitor business operations.

The economy is unpredictable right now, but having the right data and intelligence put in place that will facilitate more rapid decision-making will serve you well now and into the future. Having a proactive approach to your business is always more profitable.

Business intelligence tools such as reporting and analysis tools should give you a big picture view. They should also let you drill down to get the details you need to make better decisions. At Borek Business Solutions, we’ve seen that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good tools. You may already have some in place such as an ERP solution.

An ERP solution such as, Microsoft Dynamics GP, can provide organizations with a wide range of reporting and analysis tools and applications; some are delivered as part of the core Microsoft Dynamics GP solution, while others are offered as additional products that extend Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Interested in learning more about BI and how Microsoft Dynamics GP capabilities can equip organizations to make smarter decisions? Download this free white paper, “Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence.”

By Roger Borek, Borek Business Solutions, an Oregon-based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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