Cooking with Microsoft Dynamics GP: Five Ingredients to Ensure Success!

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To be a good cook takes time and practice. You need to develop your pallet and learn the ingredients that work best together. Similar to cooking, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be a complex art, but you just need these 5 ingredients to get the most out of your solution and make sure it works right for you.

  1. Appropriate Planning- Appropriate planning for implementation and future upgrades gives you financial and process management insight needed to a successful project. Make sure to define your objectives, concrete goals, and timelines in order to stay on track and keep focused.
  2. Executive Support - It’s extremely important for you and your CEO to take full ownership of the implementation project in order for everything to go smoothly and to make sure you cover all the bases.
  3. Proper Training- True for almost anything, proper training from the get go is essential to streamline business processes. Everyone within your organization has to be on the same page and understand the system to ensure efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics GP is extremely user friendly, but there are lots of tips and tricks out there. Make sure you’re aware of everything.
  4.  Community Resources- There are oodles of online forums, blogs, and user groups that can help you through a number of issues. They are a great resource to keep at hand if you need a quick answer to a question.
    1. Microsoft Dynamics Community site or
  5. Dedicated Partner- A dedicated partner you can trust is crucial when changing your business processes. A partner should be there for you through training, implementation, and ongoing support to ensure your user experience is helping your business succeed.

Mix these ingredients together and you’re sure to enjoy the best Microsoft Dynamics GP you’ve ever “tasted”. We are a Chicago IL Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Inner Circle member serving the Midwest specializing in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Follow us on Twitter at @Sikich_Tech. We work with over 4000 throughout the Midwest in a variety of industries with a focus on manufacturing and distribution, professional services, education, not-for-profit and multi-site international organizations.

By Sikich, a leading St. Louis Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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