Add CRM to Your ERP System in 2010 and Deduct the Full Value

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Through the newly signed “Small Business Jobs Act,” the government has just doubled the 2010 Capital Purchase deduction to $500,000. This means you can purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrate it with your existing ERP system, upgrade your existing ERP system or purchase a new one between now and the end of the year and most likely write off the entire cost in 2010.  So invest in your company, improve your business agility and beat competitors to the punch next year while taking advantage of a larger tax deduction today.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is by far one of the most impactful technology investments for any organization – for several reasons.  New business intelligence capabilities include real-time dashboards that will empower employees at all levels to find the information they need to make informed decisions.  Advanced personalization tools allow users to customize their workspace for specific roles and needs.  Forms and views are designed to be role-based, which helps provide access to the right information and also prevents users from accessing unauthorized data.  It’s easy to incorporate CRM into employees’ daily tasks because it integrates tightly with Outlook and other existing Microsoft products. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers multiple deployment options, including on-demand, hosted or on-premise, depending on your business needs. You can even change from one method to another as your organization grows and changes.  Users can continue to work through offline access, even when disconnected. can’t do these things, yet has a higher total cost of ownership.  If you’re looking to enhance an existing investment, add Dynamics CRM to your current ERP system.  These powerful applications are designed to work together to provide a broader picture of your customer information.   It gives the right people in your organization access to the information they need, including invoices, orders, payment history and inventory.   It’s much easier for your employees to focus on customer satisfaction when they have the right data at their fingertips.  It also gives executives the visibility to make better decisions and adapt quickly to business change.  It makes perfect business sense to purchase hosted or on-premise Dynamics CRM now, and deduct the implementation cost on your 2010 taxes. Whether your focus is on sales, marketing or customer service, the result of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is real-time visibility into your customer relationships and your business processes.  Why is that important, you ask? Because if you don’t have a true picture of ‘what is’, then you have no way of knowing the true impact of your decisions and whether or not they are bringing you closer to the goal.  Without visibility, there is no agility. Please note that we aren’t tax attorneys - be sure to check with your tax advisor before making any purchase decisions related to Section 179 of the Small Business Jobs Act. By OmniVue, a Georgia Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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