5 Project Accounting Improvements with Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Does this sound familiar?

You struggle because you rely on manual processes (think paper and lots of spreadsheets) to gather accounting information on your projects. Duplicate data entry is time consuming. Your team can't see project cost overruns until it's too late. Project bidding, budgeting, and performance are poor. Long billing cycles hurt your cash flow. It's painful to create financial reports, let alone ones with accurate data. This impacts your ability to make insightful decisions.

Can you relate? If so, it's time to rethink how you manage projects and what makes effective project accounting software. Here are 5 ways Microsoft Dynamics SL solves these issues and can help you more effectively manage projects and boost profitability:

  1. Software Integration - Your project management and accounting software become integrated. They also integrate with software you already rely on--like Microsoft Excel. You end duplicate data entry. You stop navigating through islands of data. Budget-to-actual comparisons become easier.
  2. Improved Bidding - The integration empowers you to create more accurate bids. Job costing is easier. Combined with other features, this helps you meet your customer's requirements on time and within budget.
  3. Automation - Integration enables automation. You automate time and material billing processes. You can handle a variety of billing methods. Invoices and alerts are automatically generated using predetermined business rules to calculate costs. Efficiency and improved cash flow results.
  4. Web-based Access and Collaboration - Easy real-time access to data on the web means projects run more smoothly. Your field personnel enter time cards, expenses, and other data, or view project status. Your managers approve or reject requests as they are submitted. Project scheduling and resource planning also improve.
  5. Painless Reporting and Smarter Decisions - With Dynamics SL's integration, you can more easily obtain reports, do analysis, gain clear insights, and become more confident in making decisions.

In short, your projects, decisions, and business are made easier. If that sounds appealing, learn more by visiting our Microsoft Dynamics SL resources page.

By Synergy Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics SL partner serving the West Coast.

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