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Barry Knaster, the Knaster Technology Group

3 reasons to vote “YES” on Dynamics GP 2010

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On November 2 voters nationwide go to the polls to vote in an election that might very well change the political and business landscape for years to come.  In addition to party candidate choices, numerous amendments populate the ballots, asking the voter to decide or reject their passage.

In my world of ERP software solutions, I would love to see businesses seeking new accounting software presented a “ballot” with the various solutions available.  I would lobby for Dynamics GP 2010 as the right choice to take their business into the future -  for three very important reasons:

Dynamics GP 2010 provides role tailored insight. Each person within a business enterprise typically performs a few distinct roles and interacting with   information specific to that role enables that person to perform his job more effectively. Dynamics GP 2010 allows users to dictate exactly what information is relevant to them while eliminating distracting data that isn’t.

Dynamics GP 2010 streamlines access to information. Executives need to be able to quickly react to ever changing business conditions.  The home page within Dynamics GP 2010 displays real time metrics that measure financial health and stability.  These analytics facilitate taking timely corrective action to steer the business back to profitability.

Dynamics GP 2010 enables advanced business intelligence capabilities. Executive dashboards, key performance indicators, Excel based reports and SQL reporting services – all of these tools provide customizable views of data that allow for high level summary analytics with drill back to the underlying detail.

Choosing Dynamics GP 2010 ensures an effective ERP solution that most likely will outlast even your favorite political candidate. 

By: The Knaster Technology Group, Colorado based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner representing Dynamics GP for twenty one years

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