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Microsoft Dynamics GP Rides the 64bit Wave

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The Microsoft Dynamics group is one of the more proactive groups, and offers most of its products with 64bit compatibility.  We see a lot of customers purchase 64 bit computers but are then forced to use 32bit operating systems due to software that is still a year behind.

One might ask: “Why is this important?”  64Bit operating systems have tremendous performance benefits over 32bit systems. With just memory alone, a 32 bit system is limited to 4Gb of memory. A 64bit system is limited to over 2Terrabytes. This is 2048 times more memory (this is an artificial limit by the physical operating system, the real limit is 104,8567 times more memory).  

Since most of your programs try to run in memory, which is much faster, more memory allows you to run more programs simultaneously and gives more memory to each program.  Furthermore, 64bit architecture also allows the operating system to multi-task more quickly. Handling tasks such as screen refreshes, status of the CD drive, etc. to occur in the background more smoothly than with a 32 bit system.  Thus, the MS Dynamics GP family provides a business solution to work with both the old and new technology, allowing you the ability to manage your costs and technology adaptation.

By Dynamic Business Solutions, Inc. - Vermont Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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