Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Features: Recurring Cash Receipts

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A new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 allows you to easily enter cash receipts for recurring payments.  This feature is especially useful for companies that receive the same payment amount from their customers on a regular basis, whether it is weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, a company would enter a cash receipt batch and then post it. Once the batch was posted, it was removed. Information would have to be manually entered each time a payment was received from a customer.

With this new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, you can now create a recurring cash receipts batch (of memorized transactions).  This helps speed up data entry and reduces errors. Once you post your cash receipts batch the transaction date is incremented based on the recurrence of your batch. Last date Posted and Times Posted is updated as well. This feature is definitely a welcome timesaver to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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Ed Bonaski, Sherwood Systems an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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