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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – the Performance Results are In!

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Growth is a goal in most companies - be it in the form of increasing the number of employees, expanding business to new regions, or increasing sales. To facilitate any growth you need a business management system that can be used today in your environment as well as one that can scale with your growing organization. You need to be confident that the system you put in place today can handle the increase in demand of transactions and data tomorrow.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a scalable solution that is built to meet the demands of current business cycles as well as a long-term look forward towards growth. To prove just how scalable Microsoft Dynamics GP is, the Microsoft test team has published some performance benchmark tests to illustrate the robust performance of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  The results are in and the proof is in the pudding – to the tune of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 can process up to 2.96 MILLION business transactions and 9.85 MILLION business transaction line items over an 8 hour day!  

Three separate performance benchmark tests were conducted:

  1. 500 constant concurrent users in the rich Microsoft Dynamics GP client, all engaged in heavy transaction processing or analysis activity across various functional areas of the solution.
  2. 500 constant concurrent users in the rich Microsoft Dynamics GP client in addition to 10 instances of continuous (synchronous) integrating Web Services clients creating Sales Order transactions.
  3. US Payroll testing, including both check processing and payroll reporting for a 30,000 employee organization.

 The  performance benchmark numbers are very impressive...

  • 500 concurrent users processed 2.96 million transactions and 9.85 million transaction lines per 8-hour day.
  • 500 concurrent users plus 10 Web Service instances processed 3.20 million transactions and 11.29 million transaction lines per 8-hour day.
  • 30,000 employee check run and reporting
    • took 8 hours to build, calculate, print and post 30,000 checks
    • month-end reporting: 1.56 hours
    • year-end reporting: 49.4 minutes
    • Total time for check processing and reporting: 10.4 hours


If you’re interested to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how it can be scaled to meet the demands of your business today and tomorrow, contact us here at Sikich. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Inner Circle member headquartered in Chicago, IL and serving the Midwest. We specialize in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

 We work with over 4000 throughout the Midwest in a variety of industries with a focus on manufacturing and distribution, professional services, education , not-for-profit, and multi-site international organizations.

By Sikich, a leading St. Louis Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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