Measuring Risks vs. Benefits of Integrating Your ERP Solution with a CRM System

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If you are like most mid-sized businesses, you are focused on looking for an ERP software system to fulfill financial and inventory functions.  However, if you neglect to keep CRM integration in mind during your search for the right ERP solution, you may end up with two stand-alone products that require duplicate data entry and hamper enterprise-wide data analysis. 

Integrating existing ERP and CRM solutions can be a tenuous process with a number of potential pitfalls and drawbacks.  However, if you keep systems integration top of mind as you select a new ERP solution, you can avoid some of those blunders up front and ensure a more seamless process with a faster ROI. 

In a new white paper published by Ohio-based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, Socius, Alesa Lightbourne, Ph.D. explains the risks and benefits of integrating ERP and CRM solutions.  This white paper, “Integrating Your ERP and CRM: Worth the Trouble?” cites industry analysts and researchers as well as business executives who have successfully integrated their solutions and are reaping the anticipated benefits.  Both Neundorfer, a clean technologies company near Cleveland, Ohio and Divisions, Inc., a facilities management company outside of Cincinnati, Ohio are featured in the paper as examples of organizations that have streamlined business processes and financially benefited from integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Integrating Your ERP and CRM: Worth the Trouble?” is available for a no-cost download alongside the complete Success Stories of both Neundorfer and Divisions and a video testimonial from Neundorfer. 

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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