To the Cloud and Beyond! 4 Reasons for Hosting your Dynamics GP Solution

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 I’m sure many of you reading this have been told at some point – maybe during elementary school – to get your “head out of the clouds and pay attention.”  They were telling you to be more serious and to come back to reality.  But now that has all changed – there are many reasons today to spend your entire day with your “head in the clouds!” 

Cloud computing is the nomenclature often used to describe internet-based computing or a system of using software applications hosted by another company.  Many companies today are moving towards using hosted business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, as an alternative to traditional, on-site systems.  This method shifts much of the burden of ongoing software and hardware management from the customer to the solutions provider.  Four big reasons for the shift can be summarized as follows:

  1. Minimal initial investment, predictable monthly costs.  A hosted solution does not require you to purchase a new server or upgrade your current server that typically includes the associated costs of an IT staff.  Budget easier with monthly operating expenses replacing capital costs.
  2. Seamless upgrades.  The provider can continually add the latest updates and features, thus ensuring the hardware always meet the latest requirements enabling you to upgrade whenever you are ready.
  3. Make changes on demand.  Hosted solutions are easily scalable and flexible.
  4. Reduced dependence on internal IT resources.  This reduces an organizations IT department’s workload, allowing them to focus on more relevant tasks.

Imagine having your ERP System available from anywhere – beyond the office and conference room but to the coffee shop, your home, your client’s office, or anywhere in the world.  Cost savings and flexibility abound in the cloud!

By Quadis Technologies – Nebraska Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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