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Tips and Tricks for Securing Your ERP System

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    Keeping your ERP system secure is very important especially today.  There are too many people leaving jobs and there are temporary employees using your ERP system and you need to make sure they can only access information (windows, reports, tables, fields, and accounts) they need to do their jobs.  During your implementation or upgrade, our experienced consultants will review your security needs and find the best solution for you.

    Security Roles and Tasks In Microsoft Dynamics GP, users have no access to any companies or data when they are first created by a system administrator.  Access to the administration tasks is secured with a password as well as a security role.   Security is assigned to the user through a series of security roles.  Many pre-defined roles come with the system and the system administrator can copy and modify them for customer-specific use.  For example, the Accounting Manager role is responsible for posting all general ledger batches as well as creating reports.  The role consists of tasks like this that are common for that role.  Tasks can be added or taken away from a role.  Users can also have more than one role.  They can be added or taken away as needed.  You might need someone to cover the posting of batches while you are on vacation, for example.  You can assign that task to the AP clerk role for that week, as an example.  In Dynamics GP 2010, you can copy security from one user to another.

    Modified/Alternate Reports and Windows Users make changes to reports and they become modified reports.  There are some changes to the forms (or windows) and they are modified as well.  Security can be set to allow the users to use these forms and reports when they are done in development.  This security is assigned by user.

    Field Level Security Another example of the security options is when users need access to a window, but they should not be able to delete transactions.  This action can be locked down by use of Field Level Security.  You can also prevent the deletion of transaction through a posting setup.

    Account Level Security Sometimes only certain users should be able to access accounts – such as payroll accounts.  Security can be set with Account Level Security by user as well.  You can even restrict which accounts can be used in manual transactions.

    Add-on Products Dynamics GP supports other add-on products (such as Rockton Software) to enhance security for compliance such as Sarbanes-Oxley.  Contact us for more information on how we’ve helped our clients achieve a high level of confidence that their systems are secure.

     By Mary Lenehan, Client Education Manager at Crestwood,  your Chicago, Illinois Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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