Should You Be Afraid of Adding ISV Products When Buying Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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More than likely when you purchase an ERP/accounting software system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, the partner will recommend one or more add-on or ISV products along with the main system.  But hold on now, you may say, shouldn’t I be looking for a software package that does everything right out of the box?

According to Randy Johnson, an accounting software industry expert from K2 Enterprise, ”85% of all accounting software installations require a third party product to have everything solved.”

An Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) develops products to add specific functionality to the base software system, or to duplicate a feature in the base system, but to do it better or faster.

So you still get the strong core functionality of a system like Microsoft Dynamics GP – with some bells and whistles to make it even better. Or an ISV product may even make even lower the total cost of the system. We find this very often when we work with Connecticut distribution companies upgrading their accounting software. They can buy fewer GP licenses, and supplement them with SalesPad licenses for employees who need access to financial information, inventory and customer service functions but do not need to actually work in the accounting system.

These ISV add-on products for Dynamics GP (also called Third Party products) may seem confusing. Don’t be afraid of them – just do your homework!  Here are a few tips:

It’s important to work with a reputable add-on product vendor or developer.  Ask them:

  • Can  I speak with a reference using this product with the specific accounting software you plan to install?
  • What is your upgrade schedule for the add-on product as compared to this accounting package?
  • Will your product be guaranteed to work with future releases of the accounting software?

When a new release of your software is available, you don’t want to be held back from using it because your add-on product isn’t ready yet. (Add-on products certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP are required to follow the same release schedule.)

Here is a something to keep in mind: Add-on products are often so seamless that if your software Partner had one or more installed on the system during the demo, you may not even have realized it.  If you want the same functionality as the demo, make sure those add-on products are included in your quote as well.  Also keep in mind that add-on products often have their own maintenance fees that will need to be added to your quote.

If you are looking for a Microsoft Dynamics GP system and want to know which ISV modules we recommend contact CAL Business Solutions. Or attend CALConnect 2010 on October 13, 2010, New England’s largest Dynamics GP user event and visit the ISV Expo.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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