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MS Dynamics GP Installation Automation Saves Valuable Time and Money

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Starting several versions back, Microsoft offered to create an installation ‘template’ or ‘package’ to simplify the installation of subsequent workstation.  With MS Dynamics GP 2010, the ‘package’ has really come of age.  The wizard to configure the ‘package’ now includes virtually every tweak you might need to make if you had to install the workstation from raw media.  As such, the installation process has been reduced from more than twenty steps to around five.

Where does the time and money saving show up?  To start with, the opportunity for errors is reduced 100 fold.  A master set of folder locations, decisions, etc. are programmed into the ‘package,’ eliminating someone from having to ‘remember’ to change, etc.  Secondly, the steps are now so simple that it does not require the most trained IT person to install a client.  With more than twenty options, the decision matrix required some thought. Thirdly, one can start multiple installations simultaneously. From the raw media, you are limited to one installation at a time.  Lastly, Microsoft has made their service packs as easy to install. Therefore, if there are patches that need to be applied to the ‘package’ the installation process only grows by one or two steps, which are of the form…go to and double click...wait.

By Dynamic Business Solutions, Vermont Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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