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Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager: Fact or Fiction

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    Integration Manager is an integration tool used to convert and transfer data from most database formats or desktop applications into Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Like most software tools, Integration Manager has developed a bit of a reputation, but we are here today to clarify… are these three statements true about Integration Manager?

    1. "Integration Manager is not extensible"  – Fiction
      Integration Manager provides the ability to attach event and field scripts using VBScript. You can enable scripting for complex conversions and calculations of values that must populate certain fields, for example, in the expense reports integrated into Accounts Payable.  Like any other development process, Integration Manager Scripts are maintained in a Source Code control system to facilitate tracking revisions and changes
    2. "Integration Manager is not flexible" – Fiction
      VB Scripts added to Integration Manager Routines allow the most flexible deployment.  In addition, within the field mapping function, many fields are enabled to accept data from the source file, from a constant, from input at the moment of integration, or from a script.  Translation tables can be created locally or globally.  For example, we can translate the old QuickBooks account number to a completely new segmented, Microsoft Dynamics GP general ledger account number.
    3. "Integration Manager is not user friendly" – Fiction, mostly
      Out of all the integration tools available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Integration Manager is the easiest to use once Integration Routines have been designed by an experienced technician.   It is the only integration tool that has a simple user interface allowing the end-user to simply click on the preferred integration to execute it.  It provides a log file report for any issues that were encountered during the integration process.  In addition, Integration Manager helps the technician and user by using Microsoft Dynamics GP business rules—IM acts like a user during integration so errors involving bad data are trapped before the record is imported.  We would be less than truthful to state that we don’t have our challenges at times with IM, but experienced technicians overcome the technical requirements easily.

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    By Gloria Braunschweig with Computeration, a Pacific Northwest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

    3 Responses to “Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager: Fact or Fiction”

    1. 3 choices immediately come to mind: Use SSIS, Table Import, or VB script attached to an Integration Routine

    2. Zafar Khan says:

      How can we update those fields that are not available in destination in Microsoft Dynamics GP adapter? One of such fields is UMSLSOPT (Unit of Measure Sales Option) in IV001007 table.

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