Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM Helps Life Science Organizations Go Beyond Business and Give Back

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We all know that updating your software and improving your internal processes is important in accomplishing your key business objectives.   But it is much more gratifying when you are able to utilize the software to support a core value of giving back to your community.

This last year, InterDyn – Remington Consulting helped a client in the Life Sciences industry who creates first aid medical supply kits do exactly that by implementing an interconnected Dynamics GP and CRM solution.  The client was having trouble maintaining their outdated manufacturing software, called ADD+ON, which was character based and had no flexibility or integration capabilities that made it nearly impossible to implement business process improvements.  Despite these limitations the company was growing, and they needed a solution that would help them keep up with the innovation in their industry. 

It’s difficult to manage a growing business with so many issues holding you back and consuming valuable time. This life science organization strategized with InterDyn – Remington Consulting and implemented an interconnected Dynamics GP and CRM solutions to streamline and improve business processes, such as:

  • Integration of financial and operational systems
  • Automation of tasks for improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Simplified control and management of inventory
  • Improved business intelligence and reporting
  • Increased employee productivity and collaboration
  • Cutting overhead costs and boosting profitability

Once these business processes were implemented the company was able to focus on more than just their core business and they have recently created a new business model in fundraising.  They provide organizations with first aid kids to sell for fundraising instead of selling the usual candy, popcorn, etc. The Microsoft Dynamics’ solutions have made it possible for them to manage this process, so the company can give back to the medical community!

Companies in the Life Sciences industries must stay ahead of the curve and ensure quality is effectively managed, documents are properly controlled, and products are tracked across the supply chain.InterDyn – Remington Consulting enables life sciences organizations to quickly deploy integrated and cost-effective business applications that address complex business needs.

By InterDyn – Remington Consulting, Microsoft Dynamics GP Healthcare and Life Sciences Partner

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