How Secure Are Your Financial Systems From Unauthorized Users?

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There are new Security options in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 that are simple changes, but make a tremendous improvement to the process from earlier version of the software.  There is now a checkbox you can mark that allows the Security Administrator to “view only” selected:

  • Operations assigned to tasks
  • Tasks assigned to roles
  • Roles assigned to users 

This seems like a very simple change, but it eliminates the need to review the entire list of Operations, Tasks or Roles when setting up security, which can be big time saver for the average company that is conscientious about security for its financial systems. 

The other very welcome addition to Security Setup is the ability to copy all operations, tasks, roles, and company access from one user to another.  We had that ability in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 using Advanced Security, and it is great to have it back in the current version. Now that security is User and Company specific, this gives you the ability to set up a new user just like the user you’re replacing or to have the same security as an existing user, without having to make sure you mark the same roles.

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by Sherwood Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Arizona

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