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As summer winds to a close and students return to the classroom, the pressure is once again on schools to provide the highest quality education possible while complying with federal and state mandates and operating on fewer resources than in the past.  With reduced funding, higher enrollments, and other cutbacks, educational institutions need real-world business solutions that will streamline functions, integrate processes across the organization, and deliver cost savings and a substantial return-on-investment. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) offers seamlessly integrated solutions that combine practical, flexible, and affordable tools geared to allow school administrators to effectively monitor budgets, streamline accounting functions, track encumbrances, comply with government requirements, manage unique payroll requirements, automate reporting, and more.  It accomplishes all of this while providing the following benefits:

  • Manage and monitor your expenditures and appropriations by allowing business managers to easily navigate reports and analyze financial data with secure financial management and reporting solutions.
  • Report more accurate data to auditors, significantly increase your ability to qualify for additional grant funding, and maximize your funding by deploying it effectively through departmental benchmarking and funding functions.
  • Resolve tough human resource and payroll challenges brought about by the uniqueness of teachers’ contracts and manage a variety of compensation packages consistently and effectively with Payroll and HR Management tools.
  • Look up individual student records or aggregated enrollment data with simple search and retrieve capabilities combined in an easy-to-use Web interface.
  • Efficiently and accurately transfer funds across accounts without manual entry or reconciliation processes with Interfund Accounting functionality. 
  • Save valuable time while gaining a detailed picture of your finances that lets you meet demanding reporting requirements by managing payables control accounts by segments with Control Account Management functionality.
  • Proactively manage and adhere to budgets, streamline period-end reporting processes, and monitor encumbrances from any point in time. 
  • Keep a tight rein on budget controls without interrupting purchase order processes by tracking online purchase requisitions as commitments. 
  • Ensure compliance with specific guidelines and regulations while accurately tracking grand costs and achieving successful project outcomes. 

To learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP for education, view this demo video

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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