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Evaluating ERP Software Vendor Support Departments: 3 Things to be Aware of

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Trying to find the right ERP software vendor gets more and more difficult every day. There are almost too many to choose from and it’s difficult to keep it all straight. Your company needs to make the right decision in order to get the best bang for your buck. For this reason, you need to know whether a software vendor can support you. Sure, they may be awesome sales people, but how can you evaluate their support department? Here are 3 things you should look for and why:

  1. Adaptability
    Being an adaptable business is a vital component to success, because nothing stays the same for too long. In the software support world, configurability is also key; the preferred product starts as a great fit, adapts to your requirements, and gives us leisure to automate new commercial operation processes as needed. It doesn’t force you to shift your commercial operation processes to live inside hard-coded functions.
  2. Personal Touch
    A small, but important thing to look for is whether the vendor asks you your name and asks you what you need to be successful. Your support vendor needs to understand your business. It might be automatically when they’ve had experience with a similar company, but it may also take some time to build up that relationship into a mutual benefit. Make sure you enjoy the people you’re working with. Otherwise, it could be a long road ahead!
  3. Measure the Right Things
    Statistics and reporting that simulates the wrong metrics can lead to very misfortunate decisions within a company. Make sure you can view every aspect of the data you need in order to run your business effectively, but also be aware when too much is too much. Too much data can be a hindrance as well as not enough.

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By Blue Moon Industries – Rhode Island Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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