WPC Report: Is Dynamics GP Going Away? Not After the Month They’ve Had!

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A worn-out unfounded rumor that some competitors use to inspire doubt in Dynamics ERP buyers has been; “Microsoft owns 4 ERP products now, is Dynamics GP going away?”  The answer is NO.  I am at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this week, meeting with the managers who make those decisions. And the answer is clear – Microsoft Dynamics GP is here to stay.  No question. And if there was ever any doubt about the popularity of Dynamics GP all you have to do is look at the statistics for  June 2010.  Last month, June 2010, more customers bought Microsoft Dynamics GP in just ONE WEEK than in the whole month of June 2009. In fact, twice as many.  This was the largest customer add month in GP history.  And Dynamics GP accounts for a substantial percentage of the total Microsoft Business Solutions revenue each year. Customers love Dynamics GP which means Microsoft loves Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is not going anywhere.

In a GP panel session at WPC Errol Schoenfish, Product Manager at Microsoft,  reported that there were some very “wide eyed people at Microsoft” at the end of the FY10 fiscal year – astonished at the record breaking sales of Dynamics GP.  And they are using the success of the Dynamics GP 2010 launch as the new benchmark to aspire to for other product launches.  According to Errol, who has worked in the GP (Great Plains) product channel for 23 years, “there has never been a brighter time for GP.”

In fact, Errol Schoenfish reported today that the developers back in Fargo are already furiously coding away on Dynamics GP “Version 12” due out in 2012-2013.  Some of the planned enhancements include a focus on simplicity, productivity, Dynamics user experience, contextual Business Intelligence (BI) and Management Reporter R2. 

The word from Microsoft is clear, accounting software buyers can feel confident buying Microsoft Dynamics GP. It’s past and current success, future roadmap and long list of satisfied customers will ensure that it will never just “go away”.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner since 1997

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