WPC Report: Give New Dynamics GP Users the Training They Need to Navigate The System With Confidence

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I arrived in Washington, DC today to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. The conference officially started Sunday, so I am joining the other 13,000 attendees a few days late.  After completing registration and entering the DC Convention Center as an official badge flashing member of the event, my first feeling was, “where do I go now?”. Everyone else, with 2 days experience already, was whizzing around the convention center, striding confidently in the right direction to Salon A, Ballroom B…. while I was still trying to read my little “you are here” map.  I was a bit overwhelmed by the endless choices of sessions, keynotes, expo booths, info stations and more.  I managed to navigate around today without looking like a complete newbie, but I also realize that I missed several things I wish I had known about earlier.  More than likely, tomorrow I will stick with the locations I am comfortable with, and miss a few other cool things somewhere else in the massive maze of event venues.

When a new employee joins your company, learning how to use your ERP/accounting software system can be a similar type of overwhelming experience. Everyone else has been using the software for perhaps several years, and can take for granted the various steps and procedures your company follows for each transaction. “Just click here and here and done.” They forgot what it was like to be given your first login and a “you are here” map.  If you do not give the new employee detailed training for Dynamics GP they will very likely figure out how to get their jobs done, but miss out on using all the other cool functionality the software offers.  They will stick to what is safe.

Also keep in mind that everyone has different learning styles.  At WPC, we are expected to choose our activities and build our schedules for the day online. While I spend as much time online each day as the next Microsoft gal, I still prefer a hard copy printed activity booklet in my hot little hands that I can refer to throughout the entire day.  (sometimes I think companies use “going green” to cover the real truth of “going cheap” but anyway…..).  Remember that not all employees will respond well to online training.  Even though Microsoft offers free unlimited online training for Dynamics GP to all customers we often find that live classroom or one on one training is the most productive way for new users to learn.

So treat your new Dynamics GP users well – give them the information they need to navigate Dynamics GP with confidence!

If you are looking for Dynamics GP training, call CAL Business Solutions. We offer classroom and personal training for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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