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Throughout the 16+ years we’ve worked in the IT industry, we’ve seen organizations that fall into one of 3 categories with respect to their IT Management/Budgeting:

 1.      IT Deficient/Inefficient

The IT Deficient/Inefficient are spending hidden dollars on excess staffing, office expenses, or lost customers and tend to be in denial that IT is as required in their business as the telephone.

 2.      IT Efficient

IT is a managed process where the systems rarely go down, the IT staff is kept to a minimum, and as such costs are kept to a minimum.  These organizations spend their IT dollars on what’s next, not on putting out fires.

 3.      IT Oversold

The IT Oversold have put their ‘trust’ in slick salespeople, thus being sold products of which they will only use 3-5% of the capability.  These organizations are unwilling to address internal personal issues, and in turn over-buy equipment to compensate for the lack of education and/or competency.

The core elements driving the two extremes appear to be penny pinching and/or education.  The penny pinchers do not recognize the hidden dollars, and count the immediate dollars daily. These organizations usually have reliability issues and hire the lowest cost support.  The educational deficiency stems from the relatively early stages of the IT support in small businesses which leads to a lack of any formal audits and/or qualification metrics to evaluate staff, projects, vendors, or managers.

 The result of these findings, along with the realization that the center ‘IT Efficient’ group utilized a consistent and similar set of plans, policies, and procedures, led us to the development of ‘The Principles of SmartIT.'  A SmartIT Plan is designed to give an organization the ‘plan’, documentation, and tools to operate efficiently year after year.

 Core Principals of SmartIT:

  • Pay now or pay a lot more later.
  • Keeping your IT system in the ‘sweet spot’ of technology is the most efficient plan.
  • You are not paying a premium for the ‘bleeding edge’ technology and you are not incurring in-efficiencies associated with outdated, slow equipment & operational inefficiencies.

By Dynamic Business Solutions, Inc. , Vermont Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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