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Barry Knaster, the Knaster Technology Group

No Dream – 5 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics GP is Here to Stay!

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By now it is likely you have either seen it or heard the buzz surrounding the movie Inception which released to theatres last Friday.

Without giving too much away (no SPOILER ALERT necessary!) this summer thriller succeeds in capturing and keeping your attention for its entire two hours plus duration. The basic premise of dream (subconscious) manipulation by others for the purpose of gaining a desired outcome is by no means a new one but this film succeeds at a whole new level.

The buzz at the recently concluded Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference put to rest once and for all the “dream world” that competitors of Microsoft Dynamics GP have been living in for years – a world in which Microsoft plans to eliminate this premier and flagship ERP solution. It’s time for the competition to wake up and stop spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding Dynamics GP.  And here are the top five reasons why:

No Dream: Dynamics GP 2010 achieved record breaking new customer adds in June 2010

No Dream: Dynamics GP 2010 is the most successful update ever

No Dream: Dynamics GP “12” is scheduled for release in 2012-2013 and the product roadmap extends even further

No Dream: Dynamics GP  contributes substantially to total Microsoft ERP solutions revenue

No Dream: Dynamics GP customer satisfaction is at an all time high

It is no dream that Dynamics GP will be around for quite some time. Of course there is no doubt that this is what gives the competition nightmares.

By The Knaster Technology Group,   Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP partner  since 1989

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